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Having some peanut butter.... my Dad and I both love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He would have a glass of milk... sometimes late at night when I was still awake or doing homework we would make them and eat then together. Cheers Dad! #honorwithhappiness #honorwithhappiness
La prossima avventura!!! Hotel Etico e Taccabanda un albergo e ristorante dove lavorano tutte persone special needs. Un opportunità incredibile per me!
Today Im celebrating my Dads birthday the first one in awhile that I hope he can taste he was not able to taste or smell for several years delicious things wherever he is. This year I believe he is free from back pain too many leaves to rake stupid taste buds and any other suffering. I will celebrate and connect with him on this day here and in my heart by remembering some of our best times together and of course a delicious dinner somewhere! If anyone has any of their favorite moments with him feel free to share!
Ringrazio molto per questa esperienza bella nella mia vita. Le gentilezza educazione e generosità che ho ricevuto da questa ristorante è una cosa speciale. Grazie mille tutti per tutto.

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