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Two things April learned this Christmas Shes still disgusting. And her brother took great photos of her laughing by telling her holocaust jokes. Im extremely dark be aware.
Alot of people have questioned my hair and why I consistently wear hats. I thought it would be appropriate to share this with my followers and close friends who are of this curiosity. I have a compulsive disorder by the name of trichotillomania. Unfortunately thats means pulling out hair due to stress anxiety etcetera. I personally just pull out the hair on my own head. I had shaved it a few weeks ago as some of you know. My hair has had a hell of a journey with my mental state along with that. It has crashed and broken me but that just made me stronger. By sixth grade it got increasingly worse. My hair didnt look like the pretty natural it once was. I tried many methods and in my time period of bullying and loneliness of that year I fought it. My hair stills gets pulled on a daily basis and I always fear just one day it wont ever come back. But my hair is my crown. Its a gift I cherish yet destroy? I hate the confusion and I cant answer some of the questions people have myself. But fellow trichsters youre still beautiful without the hair that hasnt grown back YET. Its possible to stop. I can stop. And its hard but it makes you stronger to help those other trichsters in need. Im glad Im not making this journey alone. Its amazing how supportive people can be. And I hope I can be the same to them. #trichotillamania #fighting #compulsivedisorder #story #fighting #trichotillamania #compulsivedisorder #story
What if snow white was switched around a bit. Like the old witch had a kink and wanted snow white to die so she could pull a necrophiliac act on her.
You know I usually have some insults for you guys. But i have to say you are all my bestest friends. No one can replace you guys. I love you so much. Middle school wasnt total hell since you endured it with me. Have a great summer you craps! And keep in touch because Im clingy. โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

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