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Y’ALL AIN’T SHIT FOR THIS!!!!!!!!! The levels of 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭 I’m experiencing ri’now... • 🐀 • 🐀 First off I’m glad I never ate from that stall...second off say whatchu want about Lexington Market but some of us was raised on this shit myself included...so I’m sure we’ve all ingested some shit we don’t need to discuss further 😩😩😩😩😩😩 Third off they took out my favorite snowball stand so I rly have no reason to be down there but fourth off...... #ImStillGonBeDownFaidleysGettinMyCrabcakeTho #SayIWont #LexingtonMarket #BaldamoreShit #RATchetry #DontLetTheGentriFRIERSFindOutAboutThisOne #NahMatterFact #LETEM #WestBaltimoreBornAndRaised #AndWhat #letem #westbaltimorebornandraised #imstillgonbedownfaidleysgettinmycrabcaketho #baldamoreshit #sayiwont #nahmatterfact #dontletthegentrifriersfindoutaboutthisone #ratchetry #lexingtonmarket #andwhat
Ive Neva been an actor clown joke....None of that. Just a foster child who experienced homelessness alcoholism parental neglect beat as a baby back-stabbed and laughed at by friends/fake homies when homeless & Hungry etc.......My Passion for Music Freestyling downtown Dayton in the studio with fam down South in Stone Mountain Georgia and Decatur a couple true friends who produce music and a chance to return to New York in Brooklyn to promote music off my album "Its Going Down" re-kindled the Fire in me to not only wanna Live again...But To Be The Best Me Ive Neva Been.....To Be continued....#vessel . #hataproof #record #dance #talk #anyway #spazzking #facts #walk #change #necessary #letem #was #dreambig #vessel #dirtbymylonely #truth #creations #shhh #youdontknowme
ARTWORK & LETEM meaning The CROWN OF THORNS represents me considering myself a king in my own right hence to why I didnt use a typical crown but instead a crown of thorns to symploize all the pain trials and tribulations that I have been through to get to the point where I am today. The SLURS in the represent names I have been called and evil things that people have said to me since I can remember. Since becoming OUT and proud LBGTQ rapper the slurs have only gotten worse but Ive always said that "if I have to be the one to be crucified for my community to let our voices be heard than I am willing to do so" which is why I am crying RAINBOW TEARS. I am in no way shape or form comparing myself to Jesus but when I think about all that I have been through and how much strength and endurance it takes to do what I do it reminded me of the crucifixion. Ive learned throughout my career that people will ALWAYS have something negative to say about you whether you are doing good or bad. I have held onto a lot of what people say about me for years and one day I got to a point where I stopped caring and learned to just LETEM! Im not the type to write dis records because its not in my character to speak ill of people in something Im passionate about especially when I feel thats not the reason God gave me this gift. Id rather take it back and use my pain to inspire someone just like me. I consider LETEM my best song to date and have waited patiently to finally unveil it to you! Im happy to say LETEM is now available EVERYWHERE music is sold! I pray you love this song as much as I love all of you! & remember if someone has anything negative to say about you LETEM 🖕🏾 Artwork by the incredible @_perspektiv_ Song Produced by SMG Productions Recored Mix/Mastered by @Mikenikestudios

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