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🙏Day 18🙏 💛Goaltrainers sunday training💛 Partner pushups today because 💢alone you will go faster together you will come further💢 Everybody comes here to work on their personal goals together. And goals are being achieved🔥🔥🔥 @goaltrainersofficial @ahmadna_gt #goaltrainers #goaltrainers
🔥🔥DAY 14🔥🔥 This time I brought my bro @bassourama_gt with me to help me with some ONE arm pushups in a creative way💪💪💯 Shout out to this brother always holding it DOWN even though he has a shoulder injury. We keeping it moving GET YOUR ONE ARM PUSHUPS IN LETS GOOO🔥🔥
💪Power Wednesday 💪 The reason that we want to show those incredible moves is mainly because we feel inspired by people achieving astonishing goals with us. We turn a dream of a better body into a goal and realise micro-steps together with you. We happen to do that in an outdoor environment where nobody is excluded from the group. And the warmth is felt even during the cold days. Have you already tried training with a group in an outdoor environment? #ComeFlyWithUs #GoalTrainersOfficial #trainingoutsidethebox @ruuba_barstarzz @bassourama_gt @hendriverm #trainingoutsidethebox #comeflywithus #goaltrainersofficial
#teamupsunday 💪🏽 People who exercise in a group lose their individuality and feel part of something greater. A lot of research has shown that exactly that feeling makes us tolerate more pain💯💯. You exercise on a higher level in a group therefore most of the time feel better afterwards. To move in groups is to celebrate with more joy.🤗 💪🏽 You can join us any time to try it out. No stringe attached but please dont be dssapointed when you find out that it actually makes you feel better than a gym... thats part of the process! 😅😍💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥🔥 👇🏼 Here you see a picture of one of the amazing days we work out... 🔝Every Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday 2000👇🏼 Every Sunday 1500👇🏼 Do it for the fly!🛫🛫🛫 @niiankra.bmz in the hadstand btw. give him a follow he is one of the best💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #training #goaltrainersofficial #goaltrainers #goals #makeithappen #calisthenics #calisthenicsworkout #reachyourgoals #motivation #teamup #wageningen #wageningenuniversity #calisthenicsworkout #teamupsunday #motivation #teamup #goals #goaltrainersofficial #wageningenuniversity #goaltrainers #calisthenics #training #makeithappen #reachyourgoals #wageningen
🔥🔥DAY 11🔥🔥. 1/3 of the March Push-Challenge is done👊👊💯. Celebrating this with some raw footage of me practicing my handstands🙈 not as many 🍌 as i thought🙏 getting more straight every time!! Last one was almost 10 seconds!!😱😱🔥🔥🔥 @goaltrainersofficial
🔥🔥DAY 10🔥🔥 I got challenged today 40 pushups 4x10 diamonds normal wide and archers💪💯. Killed it did even more than i had to do..😂🙈 How many did you do today? Lets make this a great and productive weekend🙏❤ @goaltrainersofficial
💪 Flexin Friday 💪 Can you come up with a name for this pose @nadinebtx makes it look smooth and fluid again. Weve had a couple people in our groups that were pole-athletes none of them was so enthusiastic as Nadine! We get inspired by movement there is no minimum requirement to start. Its about making the best effort YOU can make! Take action today move on your terms and use #GoalTrainersOfficial for a shout-out and lots of love 😘 Keep enjoying yourself while achieving astonishing goals #ComeFlyWithUs #GoalTrainers #GT90DayChallenge #comeflywithus #goaltrainers #gt90daychallenge #goaltrainersofficial
🔥💢Day 8💢🔥 We keep on Pushing this month🔥🔥💯 Today repping out the Hindu Pushups🙏 Very good exercise for all of your push muscles💪 Try this one out in your next push workout and do it as long as you can👊👊❤ If you got suggestions for the days to come let me knoooow🙌 @goaltrainersofficial
🔥💯Daayyyy 7💯🔥 💢Push-Challenge💢 Because my chest is REALLY 🔥sore🔥 from yesterdays training im doing standard knee pushups. Going hard in your training is one thing but taking your rest when your body needs it is another important aspect of becoming stronger💯💭 @goaltrainersofficial

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